Radio observation in hydrogen line (1420MHz)

Testing AD8302-based interferometer at LRO using Signal Generator

AD8302-based interferometer uses 2 x Nooelec 1.4GHz mesh 60cm x 100cm dishes and 3 x Nooelec SAWBird H1 LNAs on each leg. Tested using Latnex Signal Generator 1.4GHz at +15dB – results below.


Following traces are with the 2 mesh dishes placed 2m apart facing south:

Following trace is with 2 x Nooelec mesh dishes 4m apart facing south:

Following traces from 2 x Nooelec 1.4GHz mesh aerials 4m apart, the VMax power input into Labjack U3 ADC is diconnected for this test so that the only trace seen is that from the phase input, which remains connected. I have also tried to highlight the fringes on this trace. To generate the fringes, I walked 2-3m in front of aerials, across front from right to left, with my signal generator +15dB at 1420MHz although the whip aerial I used was tuned for stndard amateur radio bands and not 1.4GHz:

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